Staff Positions

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Why we only want the best.

Over the years, we've become known for our amazing staff. Our staff understands the joy and importance of play. We’re deeply connecting to our kids, watching them grow before our eyes, and dedicated to bringing them the best summer possible. 


We welcome staff who are parents and teachers, as well as high school and college students. Some positions offer flexible hours. Staff dinners and pay review after 6 weeks are all included for successful candidates. We no longer hire CIT’s, preferring to use our salary budget for strong talented candidates at an honest pay scale, than flood the field with bodies and low pay. We promote and grow with staff, and they know they are valued. Returning staff will receive an automatic pay raise and the option of growing into different positions. Listed positions will specify hours needed, but of course, we expect a certain degree of flexibility for situations that arise.


Our categories are divided into:

  • Leads- This is a strong group leader position. a role that will report to the supervisor, and has Sr and Jr assistants in their team. Leads will manage the day of the kids, staff, and liaison directly with parents. The leads will assure things are running smoothly, supplies are ready, the curriculum is reviewed, and everything is perfect for pick up MUST be available to work the full requested schedule.

  • Sr. assistant-  works directly with the lead, assisting and leading the group, or their own group. Sr assistants often become leads the following summer.

  • Jr assistant- This position offers more flexibility. Perfect for returning students who need to leave before the end of the summer, or people that have other jobs and will want to leave early. 



Tips are not required, but parents are given a breakdown of the normal tipping procedures. We do not split tips with the whole camp, and parents will tip the group relevant to their children. Pay is weekly, distributed on Fridays. You must be available for 2-3 orientation days. BACKGROUND CHECKS MANDATORY.


*2021 Bonus Program*

All full time summer employees with a satisfactory 6-week review will be eligible for the summer bonus!

Must be available full summer program with satisfactory attendance and work performance



Babysitting club: participation is strictly decided by you. There is no obligation to join, however only staff in the babysitting program will be able to work for our parents and a contract will be signed. Parents will pay you directly, the program is run by the staff themselves.

Your shift is strictly a *Phone free zone*

We are not hiring CIT’s a this time

DO NOT APPLY to a full schedule position if you are leaving early for school.

Employees contracts. Terms and conditions will apply.











2021 Job Postings


Lead Counselor: 
8am-3:30 Monday-Friday

Lead position for the group. Help create and execute curriculum, liaison with staff and parents. Must be comfortable with communication, organized, and creative. These positions will be getting their play on, so be prepared to get messy!


Sr./Jr. Assistant: 8am-3:30 PM
Assist and lead groups at times. High energy, super fun. Creative and exploratory mindset a must. 

Jr. Assistant:  (15yrs old min requirement for position)
 Floating team members assigned to multiple groups. Must be available Monday-Friday Shifts 1/2 day and full day. Must be flexible in providing aid in Art, Main site, or Garden Gnomes. FUN, healthy, sun-loving candidates will be successful.

Sr. Assistant: Early Childhood
8am-12pm Monday-Friday
 assistant position will help execute the curriculum in a breathable way, group meetings, liaison with management and parents. Play and child-led learning are the foundation of this program. Must love magic and fairies.

Camp Assistant Director (May-Aug)

Managing the daily functioning of the site, schedules, curriculum, and children. Must have strong organizational and people skills.    


Please fill out the job application below, or alternatively you may send your resume to
Please note: Technology isn't always the most reliable. If you haven't gotten a response within a 14 day period please email office