Garden Gnomes A.M Program

Why play?


Play provides opportunities.

Opportunities for balance, ability to move.

What stimulation would they have without play?

What sensory stimulation of eyes, nose, mouth, smell, even sense of taste?

How would they learn?

Let them smash, rattle, feel the water dripping through tiny hands, splash, bang stones, carry blocks, smooch clay, and surround themselves with fragrant plants and flowers. Quietly absorbing themselves in these environments helps train concentration.

Make the world touchable, livable, and you will jump-start their ability to learn.



What are blocks?


Our blocks are sections of the day where the children are free to explore what little nuggets of fun we've created for them. Nature and Sensory items are our basic blocks,  introducing a curriculum for kids to make their own. This curriculum is left for the children to discover and explore with freedom. They will invent, problem solve, negotiate, argue and work through differences. These times of growth are vital as they master tasks and get to understand how things work.


As the children grow more comfortable with there intimate surroundings, we introduce our daily "walk adventures" to different parts of the site, where they will have activities, visit with their older "buddies", or join the group for visits by the wonderful groups that come to our camp!

Blocks will include: Puppets, water tables, bugs, buckets, bubbles, music, parachutes, mixing, dying fabric, painting, spilling, drawing, squirting, building, planting, weaving, hunting & finding, digging, pretending, creating stories, pretending, helping...and growing.

Monday- Friday (8:45-11:45 am) $85 day

You pick & mix days each week (and you can reschedule too)

Drop off only. Must have experience with separation programs prior to summer camp.


Daily enrollment is limited, and due to popularity, we fill quickly. *8 spaces* daily, please book early.

Make-ups are dependent on availability.


What do I need to bring?

A bathing suit is worn to camp under clothes. Extra set of clothes, a water bottle, a healthy snack, and sunscreen.

If your child is still potty training, please make sure you bring extra diapers, wipes and swim diapers for water activities. We get wet through play and traditional diapers soak up water VERY quickly.

This is a very popular program and we have strictly limited enrollment which means we tend to fill quickly.
Please register as soon as possible to guarantee space.
Registration first-come-first-served online only.
Space listed may be taken and no longer available
Waitlist is full and now will only be for siblings at camp
Daily schedule:
8:45 Arrival
Leave a few extra minutes for adjustment time if needed
9:00 Circle time
Parents completed drop off
9:15 Begin Play Block 1
Nature-based activity
10 am Snack & Story
Under the tree, don't forget a towel!
10:15 am Play Block 2
Sensory based activity
10:30 am Art Block
Kids are taken in 2 groups to immerse themselves in the activity
11:00- Adventure explore/visits
Kids will walk, explore the site, visit friends, or have special showtimes!
11:25- Breaks and Storytime
Last clothes change, diapers and bathroom breaks. Gather items for pick up.
11:45 Pick up*
*3yr old extended day pick-up 1:00 pm.


What happens if it rains?

Please remember that we are an outdoor camp. For light rain and mild weather, we utilize our available shelter but be mindful we do encourage the kids to play outside with the rain. If we feel that the weather is stronger, we will cancel the morning session via text and email. Parents, of course, will be able to reschedule.