Frequently asked questions..

When should I enroll my child?

Space is very limited for our camp. Barefoot Kids strongly believes in the philosophy that children blossom in a personal, warm and friendly space.  To preserve that unique environment, we strictly limit the amount of students enrolled. ADVENTURE WILL ONLY ENROLL 12 STUDENTS PER SESSION. We suggest you reserve your space as soon as possible, as we tend to sell out quickly!


Do you have sports?


Yes, but not the same strict introduction of organized sport throughout the school year. Kids playing and experiencing neighborhood games has dropped dramatically, sometimes not being played at all! Our program focuses on bringing these back, getting kids active, and developing skills and sportsmanship that are so valuable back at school on the sports field.

What do you serve for lunch?

Unfortunately we do not provide lunch at this time, but do work closely with local restaurants to create a varied menu for your child. You will be notified in May of options for lunch from our 2019 partners. At this time, only main site can order lunch and our Adventure will only be able to order on main site days. We are a nut free site.


Where are most of the children from?

Our children are typically from NY and the U.S.A , but we have students every summer from all across Europe and Asia.


What does my child need to bring to camp?

Garden Gnomes bring extra clothes, swim diapers, and plenty of sunscreen. Barefoot Kids provides everything for your child. Just wear a swimsuit, bring plenty of sunscreen, and of course a towel. We also strongly suggest you have everything well labeled. Sunscreen will be left in our "sunscreen box" for reapplication during the day. Water stations are around the field to refill water bottles as needed.


What happens if it rains?

That’s not a problem, Barefoot Kids get wet!! Children love being outdoors, and they’re designed to be outside, but more importantly their bodies and minds need them to be there. We believe strongly that children should to connect with nature, and total immersion promotes an important development for children on a emotional, physical, and mental level. Besides leading to healthy bodies and inquisitive minds, nature promotes respect and empathy in themselves and others which in turn encourages healthy development. We of course have shelter, utilizing a series of tents for activities, taking breaks as needed, but we really encourage the kids to find different ways to play..and that includes rain!


How many counselors are in your camp?

We have a campers to counselor ratio of 5 to 1.


What are the camp hours?

Drop off for all groups is at our main site in Bridgehampton village, this makes it easy for parents with children attending multiple programs. Garden Gnomes begins at 8:45 and ends at 11:45pm, Main site 9-1:30/3:15 and Adventure Program ends 3pm.

Where are you located?

In Summer, we are very lucky to have a few acres right in the middle of Bridgehampton village. Along with the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival, we rent this beautiful, NYS historically designated grounds of the Bridgehampton Presbyterian church. Have you ever gone to the wonderful free evening lawn concerts the Chamber Festival provides on the back grounds? Yep, that's us too! Feel free to leave your car if your heading into town for a workout or a quick bite. Its our own little oasis right in the middle of town, but don't worry, most people say "I never realized this was here" when they pull in!

(We simply use the space, and are not a religious camp) Our office is located in the Atrium building, next to Candy Kitchen.


Are campers allowed to have their videos and cell phone at camp?

Electronics and other valuables should be left at home. We recommend parents contact designated staff directly in case of emergency or just if plans change in any way.


What isn't Land & Sea in the early bird program, and when does it start?


Our Land & Sea program is already discounted to provide access to both programs. We will only be enrolling 6 kids a week so we can keep the kids together in a "class". The program will launch Feb 15th for registration.


What discounts do you offer?


We offer early bird, sibling, and various scholarships. Please contact the office for further details.

Not all discounts can be combined, please enquire for terms & conditions.

What happens if my child misses camp? Do you have make ups?

We are unique in that we offer make ups for Garden Gnomes and our main site, as long as space allows. Unfortunately due to the popularity of Adventure and the limited seating available, we can't gaurentee spaces for make ups. Seats are sold first come, first served in the travel program.

How does transportation work?

Unfortunately due to traffic conditions and the timing of programs, we can only provide transportation from central and convenient bus stops. Drivers will always text you before leaving, and if any traffic delays occur. Each van has GPS tagging and dual cameras, so contact is continual. You will have full access to drivers information, and if you find your running late or stuck yourself, we'll try to help you out best we can. The office will reach out to confirm details and touch base in May, so make sure contact details are updated in the new season.

Bus stops*:  Circle Beach, Long Beach, Mash Park, Gingerbread Lane Ext, Wainscott School, Sagaponack School, Mecox. * we can create additional stops. If groups of friends/families are requesting transportation together, we can help to organize specific stops to aid in convenience for families.


Please feel free to give us a call at 631-255-1911 or email to answer any questions.