Barefoot Kids Main Program

Half day: 9am-1pm

Full day: 9am-3pm

Afternoon 1-3pm



(Daily drop-in available)

In order to keep a safe environment for kids to feel free playing, classes will be strictly limited to 8 children per group for a total of 32 kids on site only. Rescheduling credit is extended into 2021.
PLEASE BOOK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We will not be able to make exceptions.

Unique to our program is our foundation of learning through play, which reintroduces this important activity that has disappeared from our modern scheduled lives. Kids embrace every opportunity to explore the freedom as they organize scavenger hunts, races, inventions, plays or anything these little geniuses can dream up! We allow them a special time to be messy, creative, and just a little bit crazy, having the special summer fun that every kid should.

At Barefoot, no invention is too silly, and no question is dumb. We understand imagination and curiosity are the resources needed to prosper and persevere in our adult lives.  Our fully outdoor program encourages the flexibility and fluidity of children's natural thought process while developing critical problem-solving skills disappearing in our testing obsessed educational culture. This living, fluid outdoor curriculum integrates a vast array of subjects, weaving hands-on lessons for the children in local history, wildlife, science, music, and arts while being flexible to the children's individual needs in a holistic hometown environment. We are proud to promote and happily place throughout our curriculum, the importance of protecting our local farming, our historic areas from development, and why family-owned business are the lifeblood of local communities.

Sample Schedule

9-9:30 am: Arrival & Games

Kids can warm up and make new friends easily

9:30 am: Craft/Art Block

Kids break into developmentally appropriate groups

10:15 am: Snack

All the kids together. Costumes provided and an acted storytime by children who choose to participate

10:45 am: Imagination/Play Block

Kids break into groups themselves depending on the activity they choose to create. 

12 pm: Lunch

All together. Storytelling games, silly stories.

1 pm: Half-day pick up.

1:15 pm: Backyard Sports & Games

Kids together, cheering and fun!

1:30 pm: Backyard Block

Kids in groups depending on the activity

2:00: Messy Block & Ice Pop Treats

Kids all together, fun and madness begins

2:50: Clean up.

Kids will also pick up and ready personal items for parents.

3 pm: Pick up

Head out and enjoy the day!




Fun backyard tip:

Twister BFK Style

Take a twister mat and put shaving cream on green squares, chocolate pudding on red. Use whatever you have in the cabinet! Trust us, it's freaking awesome!

What are the travel days?


Every Wednesday we will offer an optional field trip for FULL DAY kids

(6 yrs & up)

Schedule is HERE


covers all entrance fees, activities, treats & supplies

Bus departs 9:15 am- Returns 3 pm


WK2 June 24- Fun Zone-Splish Splash Water Park

WK3 July 1  History Week-Southampton Adventure

WK4 July 8- Animal week-North Fork Adventure

WK5 July 15  Marine Week-Shelter Island Adventure

WK6 July 22  Aquarium & Tour Boat Adventure

WK7 July 29  Pirate Week- Montauk Day!

WK8 Aug 5th East Hampton Art Adventure

WK9 Aug 14 - Sports Weeks Adventure


We will do our best to honor the schedule, but the weather may be an issue. Our rescheduling policy is to move the event to another day in the same week if possible. 




Transportation available for FULL DAY students

Please select during registration.

Afternoon Class Sample Schedule
12:45-1:10 pm: Lunch/Arrival
1:10 pm: Art Class
1:30 pm: BackYard Block & Games
2:00 pm: Messy Block & Ice Pop Treats
2:50 pm: Clean up
3pm: Pick up

Block subjects may be rotated according to our kids, their needs, previous experiences, and activities. Counselors meet every morning, breaking into smaller teams before arrival. We make sure all our kids feel included,


We strive to create a truly personalized experience full of love and warmth. Our small-town neighborhood environment lends itself perfectly for this, and we've developed a program that we're proud to share!


Please be mindful when scheduling that we are an OUTDOOR camp. In the case of rain, we will be encouraging your children to play outdoors. We provide activities geared specifically to rainy activity.

If stronger weather is expected, we will cancel the day via text and email by 7:30 am. Parents, of course, will be able to reschedule the day at their convenience.

Backyard Block

Lemonade Stands: This is where we get the kids to really explore old school afternoon activities. Lemonade stands need signs, making the products, and organizing the kids right? Picking a local charity, we send off a "random act of kindness" envelope of money, and the kids LOVE it.

Scavenger & Treasure Hunts: This is a huge hit, the kids must answer a set of questions to find the answer! The whole village gets involved when the kids run all over looking for mayo packets and various items!

Village walks & Explorations: Sometimes using old historical maps (Goonies anyone?), or maybe using a compass, we go out and about! Visiting the historical society, windmill, book annex, Fire Dept, get some ice cream from Gus at Candy Kitchen, the list goes on!

Mess Fest Block
Kids need to get messy. ITS GOOD FOR THEM.
Our messy block is the perfect time for Super Science Experiments, Ice Cream Slip & Slides, Foam parties, Jello Filled swim pools..the works. Sometimes we let them create their own inventions, it's their time to shine!
(Don't worry, we will clean them off)
We have tons of sports and games too!
Tag* Spud*Capture the flag*Kickball*Soccer*Relay races*Steal the bacon*Sharks and minnows*Four square* Wiffle Ball*Frisbee*Stick Ball*..and many more!
PLUS visits by local sports groups

Every Thursday 10 A.M

Kids YOGA with Casey
Every Tuesday 11 a.m.
The boys of summer

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