COVID-19 Information 2020
Barefoot Kids is fully committed to protecting the health and welfare of our families, staff, and community.
Thankfully, we are in a unique position during this outbreak. As an outdoor site, our supplies and equipment are currently in storage and safe from any contamination. Any items we use are broken down and sanitized daily, It's our standard policy, but we will be further limiting exposure as recommended by current NYS and CDC guidelines and limiting exposure and mixing of supplies between groups.
We have always limited enrollment because kids get the most out of experiences where they make connections and feel they have a voice. We are going to limit that further this summer to 8 children per group and a total of 32 kids only on site. We are also extending our rescheduling policy into 2021 so families know that credit isn't going anywhere.
Our methodology was to create an environment that is warm and personal which means we're in a unique position to open quickly and safely, catching any issues that arise immediately, and we will be sticking firmly to these guidelines going into the 2020 summer season. Our families can feel safe in the knowledge that we are able to thoroughly monitor our site. Additionally, this year it also means we are modifying curriculum to help ease anxiety (and screen time overload!) children will inevitably carry into the summer.
Our environment will be about getting back to basics, kids being kids, and getting everyone back to normal.
For any families struggling, please email We will work with you in any way we can help.

At Barefoot Kids our mission is simple. We create a space for children to immerse themselves in imagination, unlocking the awesome power of learning through play.

A place where electronics are not invited and magic will come alive.

We believe in childhood.


Our summer camp is small by design, surrounding kids with a warm hometown atmosphere. This special environment helps children slow down, make new friends, develop their inner voice, and invent space that is truly their own. Let's return our kids to a simpler time when childhood reigned supreme.


imagination is freedom
Let them play!

Why Play?

Play is vital for healthy development in children of ALL ages. Unfortunately, adult-directed and designed activities, although well intentioned, has come at a great cost to child development. Deterioration of flexibility, the fluidity of thought, problem-solving, negotiation and navigation have all robbed children of the experiences they need to succeed, often in the name of excellence. 


Why the messy play?

Developing senses through sensory activities are a component of Barefoot Kids. Children interpret and express almost exclusively through the physical body. Encouraging kids to not worry so much,  letting the stress go about "keeping clean" while nurturing healthy absorption of imagination and fun. Cleaning up then becomes part of the fun, allowing them to feel they are getting to participate in something really special too!


Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning.  Play is really the work of childhood.   -Fred Rogers

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